Legend Plushie Bundle


Bring home 5 new best friends with our Legend Plushie Bundles! This squad of soft & squishy plushies each support an organization working to protect animal populations. By ordering the Legend Plushie Bundle you support 5 different organizations and their work to protect and save wildlife.

Soft & squishy.

Protect the planet.

Help protect animals.


Each Legend Plushie is made of spandex and recycled polyester so they are soft and squishy.

Their box is 100% recycled materials!

The purchase of this plushie does not represent a monthly adoption of a real animal, monthly adoptions can be purchased on our partners websites.


Orders ship in 6-9 business days. We offer free shipping in the USA over $100.

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We offer order returns & refunds within 30 days of purchase, and product exchanges within 90 days. To learn more, click here.

If it's not a right fit, we'll exchange it for free. 😄

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Ordering a Legend Plushie Bundle supports 5 different organizations working to protect animal populations.

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