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Rescued Otters

We've partnered with the Mote Marine Laboratory to help fund the rescue and support of Otters and their habitats.

We are excited to introduce you to three otters that were orphaned too young to survive alone and were raised by wildlife rehabilitators.


Jane the Otter

Jane was rescued in spring 2015 and came to Mote from an animal rehabilitation facility in Conway, S.C. At the time of rescue, she was about 4-6 weeks old weighed about 2.3 pounds. She weighed 10 pounds on arrival at Mote. Jane and Pippi, raised at the same facility, enjoyed a diet that started with Gatorade (a source of electrolytes) and otter formula. At 8-10 weeks, they were weaned on a protein-rich diet including scrambled eggs, ground turkey and more, ultimately eating fish and crab meat. Next came whole, fresh fish. They learned to swim in a bathtub and then a larger pool. Jane is more dominant than Pippi and loves to play in her sandbox.


Pippi the Otter

Pippi was rescued in spring 2015 and came from the same Conway, S.C.-based facility as Jane. At the time of rescue, she was believed to be a week to 10 days younger than Jane and weighed 2.1 pounds. She weighed 7 pounds on arrival at Mote. Pippi is more shy and calm than Jane, with darker coloring around her face.


Huck the Otter

Huck was found in September 2015 by a veterinarian in Melbourne, Fla. He was 5 months old and appeared to have issues using his hind legs. He was people-friendly, suggesting he might have been hand-raised. He received a veterinary checkup, and within days his hind leg issues seemed to be gone. No other health problems were found. Huck weighed 23.5 pounds upon arrival at Mote. Because he was used to people, he was not a good candidate for release into the wild. Huck, Jane and Pippi are all too tame to be released, and they will serve as ambassadors for their watershed homes at Mote.

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