In 2015, I moved from PA to FL. I have found so many things I enjoy doing there. I love to take my pups to dog beach, and I love to kayak with the manatees where the water is bioluminescent in the hot summer evenings.


Shortly after I moved to FL, I returned to PA to care for my hero, my Mom. I stayed with her and cared for her in her home which is the house I grew up in.​ The saddest day of my life was the day we said goodbye as she peacefully passed away with us by her side.

Though I know we'll meet again someday in heaven, I hold tight to the wonderful memories of having her by my side for 49 years. As I write this, she passed away 5 years ago today.

I've remained at the homestead in order to continue teaching in PA and to be close to family and my Dad. Now facing the next chapter of difficult times, my second hero, my Dad, whose health is declining and is in need of a skilled nursing facility. In order to support his health care needs, the homestead is being sold.

I now look to My Legend Bracelet which holds a mix of the ground from under my feet where the past, the present, and the future now meet.

It holds joyful memories from the past with dirt from under the giant maple tree in the front yard of the homestead, and joyful moments of the present with sand from dog beach and the launch site where I kayak with manatees and through the bioluminescent waters. The place that filled my life with love and joy for so many years in the past and the places where I find JOY, HOPE, and PEACE in the present.

I have the Elephant Bracelet. I love all animals, but elephants are the closest land animal to Manatees. Orange is also my favorite color; a color seen in the sunrise and sunset - no better time to greet the day in the morning and say thank you for another day at sunset.


I now carry it with me as a reminder to slow down, take time to make new memories in the moment, while holding onto the special memories of the past.
Thanks for a special way to keep the places that bring joyful memories close to me at all times and help the animals and earth, too.

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