If there’s one thing the world needs to read more about right now, it’s heartwarming stories of love. And we’re here to bring you just that!

Meet Jessica Cyr Gauthier, our Legend of the Month. Jessica and her wife Aleisha, happily shared with us their love story and how the Legend Bracelets are connected and intertwined with their “I dos.”


My wife and I were married on July 25th in a small ceremony in the middle of the park. We wanted to have something that would allow us to capture the memories of that moment and came across Legend Bracelet. I picked four causes that I care most about and set out to fill each one.” - Jessica


Each Legend Bracelet supports an organization dedicated to protecting animals and the planet. And this lovely couple are serious about helping animals and the environment! They found a way to include this cause they believe in on their special day. 

For our wedding ceremony, I chose the Sea Turtle Bracelet for the cause that it supported, but also because I needed my “something blue”. It went so well with my dress and at the end of the ceremony, I filled up the capsule with some soil that was right beneath our feet while we said I do.

We left for our honeymoon that same day and found ourselves high atop the mountains in Mont Tremblant with a beautiful view in front of us. Another moment that we wanted to capture, so we chose the Koala and filled the capsule with sand found at the mountain peak.” 



What makes a love story much better? A fur baby of course!

We had one more stop and this one was with our fur baby, Houston. He is a Labernese dog and he loves to swim! This swimming spot is very special to us as this was the spot that we got engaged a year prior. To celebrate our marriage and to toast to the spot we got engaged, we filled the Gorilla Bracelet with a bit of Houston’s hair and the Shark bracelet with sand from our spot.”

“I’m so happy that I’m able to support some amazing causes and be able to take special moments with me each time that I fill up a new bracelet. I can’t wait to continue filling up bracelets with moments that are special to me and my wife."

Isn’t it amazing how 2 people can find each other, share a love for one another and also have immense love for the environment and animals? Cheers to love!

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