The story of the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary is a story of a once seemingly impossible dream of coexisting with nature, of communities coming together and protecting what is left of wildlife. It’s a story filled with passion, love, and inspiration.


Realizing the importance of elephants in their ecosystem and how coexisting peacefully with these giants is more beneficial to one another and their community, the Samburu tribe who once feared and hunted these majestic creatures are now their guardians.

The Reteti Elephant Sanctuary is the very first and only indigenous owned and operated elephant sanctuary in the entire continent of Africa. It is dedicated to rescuing and nurturing orphaned, sick and injured elephants until they are ready to go back to the wild. 


It was the evening of December 31st 2020, when Seek, a young elephant was separated from its herd. Seek, who was then only a year old was found to be suffering from an injury on his left eye. One could only imagine how this young elephant might have felt alone and abandoned.  Unfortunately, even after treatment, Seek’s injury left him blind on his left eye. But the good news is, he is strong and healthy.  Seek has integrated easily with the nursery herd in the Reteti Elephant sanctuary. 


Many of the elephants brought in the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary are either traumatized, injured or both. On April 18th, 2020, the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary took on an elephant rescue that is unlike any they have embarked on so far.  Long’uro who was approximately just 1.5 months old when he fell into a well and was found in a critical state having lost a third of its trunk to a hyena attack the previous night. In pain and traumatized, the baby elephant had been crying for its mother. The Reteti rescue team along with the vets from Kenya Wildlife Service rushed to where Long’uro was trapped and worked relentlessly to save the baby elephant from bleeding profusely and possibly dying. 

Now, Long’uro enjoys playing with the other rescued elephants in the nursery. Although, he carries a deformity having lost a third of his trunk from the hyena attack, he’s shown his ability to adapt well to his deformity. Even with immense trauma he has experienced at a very young age, he has started trusting many of the Reteti elephant keepers and other orphaned elephants.

The stories of Seek and Long’uro are just 2 of the many rescues the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary takes on. They tirelessly protect and nurture these baby elephants. 

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