What started as one man’s curiosity has now become a movement of people from all over the world wanting to protect animals and care better for the planet. The Legend Bracelets may very well be just bracelets but they send a mighty message - We are more powerful than we think.

The story of the Legend Bracelet started in 2017 when founder Kevin McCroary traveled to the Philippines to serve underprivileged children. This is where his eyes were opened to the devastating reality of the polluted conditions these children had been born into. Itching to know more about climate change and its impacts on the environment, Kevin quit his job as an engineer and set out to the Arctic. And thus the story of the Legend Bracelet begins



It is in the Arctic tundra where the idea for the very first Legend Bracelet was born. Kevin, having spoken to both scientists and locals of Greenland and Iceland, gained a better understanding as to how climate change is negatively impacting the Arctic

With the goal of spreading awareness about the climate crisis and protecting the Arctic, Kevin created the Arctic Legend Bracelet and partnered with the Woodwell Climate Research Center. The scientists of the Woodwell Climate Research Center are carrying out an enormous mission of solving climate change. As a reminder of the seriousness of the climate crisis, one of the capsules of the Arctic bracelet contains permafrost from a sample that the Woodwell Climate Research Center’s scientists are studying.




From the Arctic, we go to the Congo rainforest. Gorillas in the Congo rainforest are fighting everyday to survive. Due to poaching and habitat loss, and deforestation their very existence is threatened constantly. 

To bring awareness to this issue and to help support Gorilla Doctors’ mission of conserving gorillas, the Gorilla Legend Bracelet was created. One capsule of this bracelet contains sand from the Congo rainforest to serve as a reminder of the need to protect these endangered species and as a salute to the brave men and women of the Gorilla Doctors dedicated in saving the gorillas.



80 to 90% of the corals in Florida have been lost because of global warming, pollution, ocean acidification, and overfishing. Dubbed as the rainforests of the sea, coral reefs are responsible for marine life diversity. About 500 million people across the globe earn their living from fishing and tourism which depend on healthy coral reefs. 

The Coral Legend Bracelet was created to help save and protect the coral reefs. We have partnered with MOTE to support their important work of restoring the coral reefs. For every 5 Coral Legend Bracelet bought, 1 coral is planted. One of the capsules of the Coral Legend bracelet contains sand from the area where your coral is planted



From the clear waters of Florida we fly to the desert of Kenya. In the past century, we have lost about 90% of African elephants due to poaching, drought, habitat loss and conflict with humans. But there is hope for these beautiful giants thanks to the Samburu people and the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary. Founded in 2006, their mission focuses on rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing orphaned elephant calves into the wild. 

To spread awareness and support the sanctuary’s efforts in rescuing these beautiful creatures, the Elephant Legend Bracelet was created. One capsule of the bracelet contains sand from Kenya to keep you connected to these endangered species.



From the desert, we dive into a tropical paradise, the Maldives.The number of olive ridley sea turtles entangled in ghost nests in the Maldives raised an alarm in Martin Stelfox. In 2013, he started The Olive Ridley Project and since then they have removed more than 5 tons of ghost nests and rescued hundreds of trapped sea turtles.

The Sea Turtle Legend Bracelet has partnered with The Olive Ridley Project to protect sea turtles and other marine life by removing plastic ghost nets in the ocean. One capsule of the bracelet contains a plastic fishing net that has been removed from the Indian Ocean. The bracelet also comes with a card that allows you to follow a rescued sea turtle's journey to recovery. 



Rising from the ashes of the 2019 - 2020 bush fires that razed many parts of Australia is the Koala Legend Bracelet. We have partnered with Adelaide Koala Rescue who are doing the important work of rescuing koalas in Australia from heat stress, deforestation and wildfires and rehabilitating and releasing them back in the wild.

One capsule of the Koala Legend Bracelet contains ashes from the Australian wildfires to serve as a reminder of the need to protect the beautiful koalas.



Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many all over the world have felt isolated and even more disconnected from everything and everyone. 

And we wanted to create something that would connect people no matter the distance, no matter how tough circumstances get. This is how the Connection Legend Bracelet was born. The bracelet comes with 2 empty capsules that can be filled with something meaningful to you. With the Connection Legend Bracelet, you also get to choose which organization we have partnered with you want to support.

Connecting with people and creating a meaningful community is what Legend Bracelet is all about. Be a part of a community making a positive impact.

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