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Building Schools in Sierra Leone

Follow Your Legend proudly presents our most ambitious project yet - we've joined forces with organizations and partners in Sierra Leone to build a school. Join us on this mission to improve access to education and providing opportunities for a better future for 600 underprivileged children.

Project Overview:

Our project location is Fomgbo Village. In the rural expanses of Freetown lies Fomgbo Village, a community grappling with educational barriers. Here, about 25% of the population is unable to read and write. The absence of quality educational infrastructure profoundly impacts the social and economic development of the village.

The current state of education in Fomgbo Village is marked by insufficient infrastructure. Many children are forced to abandon their studies due to the lack of basic facilities such as safe classrooms, drinking water, and sanitation. This not only hinders their personal growth but also the collective advancement of the community.

To construct a fully equipped school building to serve 600 students, ranging from nursery to secondary levels. This initiative aims to directly address the infrastructural deficiencies that impede educational access in the village.

Project Goals:

  1. Establish Quality Infrastructure: Build and maintain a school with essential facilities, including modern classrooms, a playground, and necessary furniture, ensuring a conducive learning environment.
  2. Access to Education: Provide quality educational opportunities to 600 children, enabling them to pursue their academic journey from nursery through secondary education.
  3. Community Upliftment: Through education, we aim to empower the children of Fomgbo Village, enabling them to contribute positively to their community and society.

Our project in Fomgbo Village is not just about building a school; it's about laying the foundations for a brighter, more opportunity rich future for its young residents. By enhancing access to education, we're opening doors to new possibilities and paving the way for the community's socio-economic development.

Join us and help make change.

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