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Gentle Barn

We are working with Gentle Barn, an organization that rescues animals, giving them rehabilitation and sanctuary. With locations in California, Tennessee, and Missouri, their work helps animals across the USA.

When you buy our Barnyard Plushies, you help their mission to rescue & protect animals.

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca was found wandering the streets and brought to the safety of The Gentle Barn so she could have a home and a family. We absolutely love having her! She is so friendly and has such a big, warm personality. She loves being held and pet and seeks attention from all our guests. Rebecca is a huge talker and when we tell her how pretty she is, she answers back. We will love and care for Rebecca for the rest of her life at The Gentle Barn in California.

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Meet Opal

Opal lived her entire life with a family who loved her very much and a sister who she adored. Tragically, something attacked her sister one night and Opal was lucky to escape. Opal became very lonely without her sister and her family knew they had to find some place for her to live safely and happily as they were unable to get more chickens. We gladly gave this little girl a home and she has easily joined our flock! Opal is a big talker and already a cuddle chicken!

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Meet Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield was found at The Nashville international airport. No one really knows why he was living there; we guess he was just waiting to catch a flight to The Gentle Barn. He was named in honor of his name sake's birthday and will sing his songs and live out the rest of his days with his fans at The Gentle Barn. When he was brought to The Gentle Barn Tennessee, he looked around and knew that these were far better accommodations. He moved into our barn right away, claimed the ladies as his own to protect, and ate the fresh, organic food by the mouthfuls. He accepted all our love and has never looked back! He is one of the few roosters who actually loves being held and pet by people. Most others would rather be with their ladies and posture their strength or courage. But Rick is so confident in himself that he has nothing to prove and is comfortable being both tough and affectionate. Since he loves being held and pet by people, his admirers always come away from a Rick cuddle session with a new appreciation for these incredible birds.

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