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Gentle Barn

We are working with Gentle Barn, an organization that rescues animals, giving them rehabilitation and sanctuary. With locations in California, Tennessee, and Missouri, their work helps animals across the USA.

When you buy our Barnyard Plushies, you help their mission to rescue & protect animals.

Meet Holy Cow

Holy Cow was rescued from the dairy industry where she was taken away from her mom at birth and stomped on, leaving her unable to walk. When we rescued her, she was immobile and very sick. We went to work getting her chiropractic treatments several times a week, quality vet care and round the clock love and care, and with time, her spine got straighter and her legs got stronger. Now she can run, jump and play with the other cows. She’s incredibly affectionate and is known for lovingly licking all the other cows, and trying very hard to lick Lewis! Not a day goes by that she takes her life for granted. We’re honored to give Holy Cow the happy and healthy environment she deserves, so she can lick all the cows and know that she is safe and loved. Become a sponsor for Holy Cow, and be a part of her success story!

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Meet Athena

Athena was rescued from a backyard butcher along with many other animals. They were brought to us by local animal control after it was shut down. She was sick, riddled with parasites, covered in scars, and absolutely terrified of humans.

Once her body recovered at our Sun Chlorella Healing Center, we brought her to our main location to learn to trust us. In time, she learned not only that we love her, but how to be an amazing ambassador. Now she's gentle, soft spoken, and shy, but she allows Sunday guests to hug and cuddle her for hours.

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Meet John Lewis Thunderheart

John Lewis Thunderheart was born in a slaughterhouse. His mom, Love, never made it out. Because of the stress and chaos around them and his mom being so sick, John Lewis Thunderheart didn't get enough colostrum to build an immune system and came to us orphaned at a week old, fighting for his life with pneumonia. During his recovery, to avoid the extreme summer heat, we brought him into our house to have a clean and cool environment, and be nurtured round the clock. With great veterinary care, antibiotics, anti inflammatories, nebulizer and oxygen therapy treatments, probiotics, Sun Chlorella Algae SuperFood, and lots of love, he slowly recovered. He is now strong, healthy, and loves to play with his best friend, Sky the dog. Lewis will get to live a long, happy life at The Gentle Barn and be an ambassador for all animals everywhere.

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Meet Truth

Truth and her mommy, Audrey, were rescued from going to slaughter. We are not sure why they were being sent to slaughter, but thank goodness we found them and brought them to The Gentle Barn instead. Unlike her mom, and aside from what could have happened to them, Truth has never had a bad experience. Truth is very curious and playful, making friends instantly with the other cows. Truth wants to approach us but her mommy wont let her just yet. We are sure that with songs, gentle hands, and bedtime cookies, it is just a matter of time before we are petting and hugging both Truth and her mommy. Truth will grow up with her mom, will nurse as long as she likes, and will be safe and sound at The Gentle Barn Tennessee for the rest of her life.

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Meet Chico

Chico was sent to slaughter with 5 other young cows, but he wanted to live. Chico, wise beyond his years, led the others through three fences and ran through the streets of St Louis seeking refuge. Chico even held authorities at bay behind a tree so his brothers could run away. He is brave, wise, strong, and will show the world that when given a chance cows always choose life. The St Louis Six will live together at The Gentle Barn Missouri for the rest of their lives, safe and sound.

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