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Gentle Barn

We are working with Gentle Barn, an organization that rescues animals, giving them rehabilitation and sanctuary. With locations in California, Tennessee, and Missouri, their work helps animals across the USA.

When you buy our Barnyard Plushies, you help their mission to rescue & protect animals.

Meet Hiroka

Hiroka means bold, beautiful child which describes this angel perfectly. We call her Hero for short because when we rescued her she was skin and bones, sick, weak, and scared, but the minute we took her out of the horse trailer from rescuing her from a backyard butcher, she trusted us completely and has always stood still and allowed us to treat her and make her well. She is our hero and we will dedicate the rest of our lives to heal her mind, body and spirit!

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Meet Worthy

Worthy was born with a deformed leg and was kept by someone who could not afford to feed her, let alone to give her the surgery she needed. She hobbled along for a year and by the time we found her she was grossly underweight, malnourished and in tremendous pain.

We transported Worthy and her mom Indie to the hospital for surgery. After a long surgery, six months of hospitalization, thousands of dollars in costly vet bills, two casts, a custom made leg brace, many titanium screws and plates, and lots of prayers from around the world, Worthy made it!

Her leg is now straight and she can walk, run, lay down and play like a normal horse. Worthy will spend the rest of her life at The Gentle Barn, giving hope and inspiration to thousands of children born with differences and struggles of their own.

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Meet Moose

Moose is a Belgian draft horse who pulled carriages and carts his whole life. At eighteen years old his teeth were uncared for and rotten, making it almost impossible to eat, his hooves were overgrown making it difficult to walk, and his body hurt all over. Instead of getting him the help he needed, his owners brought him to the auction to be sent to slaughter. Thankfully we were able to save him and bring him to The Gentle Barn instead. He spent a week in the hospital receiving extensive dental, podiatry, and bodywork. Now he is enjoying a soft, warm barn at night, sunny, green pastures by day, and of course, bedtime cookies every night. We found a holistic veterinarian who is coming every week to give him acupuncture, massage therapy, and chiropractic treatments. Moose's personality, curiosity, and trust is blossoming more and more every day.

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