Legend Water Well 002

Water Well 002

The second Legend Water Well is located in Fomgbo Village in Sierra Leone, Africa.

Water well 002 provides clean water to over 900 people. Before the installation of this well, the village’s water source was a small unsanitary hole that was dug in the ground - this water is filled with potential deadly diseases and increases the chances of illness.

When we arrived in Fomgbo village we met a Mother that had lost her 9 year old son who drowned a few months earlier while attempting to get water out of a nearby river.

This water well is dedicated to him with his name written on the inside of the well. The people of Fomgbo village are extremely welcoming and thankful.

The women play a vital role in the success of the village. They were very appreciative of the water well and the ease that it will bring to their lives.

Many people in the village told us stories of children getting sick from the dirty water. Now that this well is built they are happy to know their children will be much safer.

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