Meet Qi Zai

Qi Zai, the brown and white panda is very unique and different from the common black and white giant panda. The fur that is normally black on a panda, is a beautiful milk chocolate brown on Qi Zai. Qi Zai is one of 9 known brown pandas. The brown color is a very rare gene.

A Rare Brown Panda

Qi Zai was found abandoned and rescued by the center. On November 1, 2009, the staff of the center received a telephone call from the Foping County Forestry Bureau that local villagers had found an abandoned light brown animal cub, who was in urgent need of immediate aid.

When staff arrived, they were confused. What was this strange animal? If the cub was a brown bear, he was not all brown. But if it was a panda, he did not have the giant panda's trademark black and white marking. It was very confusing. Finally, after careful observation, the staff determined that the cub was a giant panda cub about two months old, but a brown color. He was small and very sickly.

The special panda cub gradually improved his strength and appetite and after several weeks of constant care by staff, he recovered. SWARC has been the home of Qi Zai for over 10 years, deep in the Qinling Mountains.

This cute panda now weighs more than 220 pounds and eats around 44 pounds of bamboo every day. Thank you for your symbolic adoption of Qi Zai.

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