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The Global Penguin Society

We are working with The Global Penguin Society to help save and protect penguins. They foster the conservation of all penguin species and their associated ecosystems, generating science, management guidelines and education.

If you would like to learn more, adopt a penguin, or make a recurring donation to support their work, click one of the adopt buttons below.

Meet Charlie

Charlie is a 7-year-old experienced penguin breeder living in El Pedral, Patagonia. His high-quality nest includes vegetation that protects his offspring from the sun and predators. Charlie is used to human presence and is comfortable around people. El Pedral was once a struggling colony with only six nests due to reckless visitors, but conservation efforts have helped it grow to over 4,000 nests. Charlie and the penguins at El Pedral are a reminder of the importance of protecting wildlife for future generations.

Meet Lily & Mike

Lilly and Mike are a breeding penguin pair that have been together for at least seven years. They nest in a high-density area, away from predators. Although they lay two eggs, they typically raise only one chick each year, with success dependent on food availability, weather, and the experience of the parents. The three-month period of care and feeding is demanding, but they have managed to raise healthy chicks each year. Studying penguin behavior provides insight into their remarkable abilities and the complex web of life that sustains our planet.

Meet Tango

Tango the penguin is an intelligent and dedicated nest-builder, carefully choosing the perfect location for his burrow and lining it with soft feathers to create a cozy bed for his chicks. Tango and his partner return to the same nest each year, defending it against intruders to ensure the survival of their offspring. Their loyalty and resilience, along with their adaptability to hostile environments, make penguins remarkable creatures that remind us of the importance of protecting our natural world and every species within it.

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