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The "Tyrannosaurus rex," or "King of the Tyrant Lizards," lived around 66–68 million years ago in what's now the western United States. This colossal predator thrived in a warmer, lush environment, feasting on whatever prey it could capture.

Known for its powerful build and formidable jaws, the T. rex was a relentless hunter, capable of moving at speeds up to 15 mph despite its size. Its small arms, a stark contrast to its massive body, remain a subject of scientific curiosity.

Closely related to birds, the T. rex's evolutionary journey and rapid growth underscore its fascinating role in the prehistoric world.

3 Awesome T-Rex Facts:

  1. Sensory Abilities: The T. rex had a highly developed sense of smell, thanks to its large olfactory bulbs. This keen sense of smell was instrumental in its hunting strategy, making it an efficient tracker of prey.
  2. Lifespan and Growth Rings: The T. rex had a relatively short lifespan, with evidence suggesting they lived up to about 28 years. Paleontologists can determine their age by counting growth rings in their fossilized bones, much like trees.
  3. Feathered Relatives: The T. rex is closely related to birds, sharing features like hollow bones and air sacs. This connection suggests that some members of the tyrannosaurid family, including possibly the T. rex itself, might have had feathers.
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