Coral Legend Bracelet

If it's not a right fit, we'll exchange it for free.
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We have partnered with Mote Marine Laboratory to help support their mission to protect the ocean and restore coral reefs, through their coral restoration program where they grow and plant coral onto depleted reefs.

One capsule is empty - fill it with sand / earth or something meaningful.

The other capsule - filled with sand from the area where your coral is planted.  A reminder of the positive impact you're making and the area of world you're helping to protect. 

In partnership with:


Eco friendly material.

Made from cork tree bark.

Protect the planet.

Save the coral and ocean.


Crafted from eco-friendly material, sustainably harvested from the bark of cork trees.

Uniquely hand crafted & magnetic clasp.

Available in a limited edition design in 18K gold plated finish.


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If it's not a right fit, we'll exchange it for free. 😄

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Size Guide
Small - 7 inch - Usually fits adolescents and women with small wrists

Medium - 7.5 inch  - Usually fits average sized wrists for women and men with small wrists

Large - 8 inch - 
Usually fits average sized wrists for men and women with larger wrists

Extra Large - 8.5 inch - Usually fits men with larger wrists

(For the best fit order .5 inches larger then your wrist size)
If it's not a right fit, we'll exchange it for free. 😄

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Make a difference.

Each Coral Legend Bracelet gives back to the Mote Marine Laboratory which helps restore coral reefs and protect the ocean.

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