Buy One Plushie, Get One Free!

Celebrate Memorial Day this year with new plushie friends!

For a limited time, buy one Legend Plushie and get another free, while helping to protect wildlife.

Join our community and be part of positive change for our planet.

A few good questions you might ask:

Is there a limit to your buy one get one free offer?

There is no limit to our Buy One Plushie, Get One Free offer!

How does buying a Legend Plushie support the world and it's wildlife?

Each sale of any of our products (including plushies) is directly donated to an organization we've partnered with. Their work within wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, climate science, and many more causes is directly supported by your purchase.

You can tap your plushie with your phone to read about real-life animals you are helping to support!

Do I need a discount code for my order?

You don't need any discount code - just checkout with all of your new plushie friends and our offer will automatically apply to your checkout.

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