Sloth Legend Plushie


Meet Larry the Sloth! Like his friends in the real world, Larry enjoys a good snooze on a comfy tree branch. Take this cuddly sloth friend home with you and help save injured sloths.

We’ve partnered with The Sloth Institute to help rescue and rehabilitate injured sloths and release them back into the wild. Each sloth plushie has a scannable chip that allows you to read the stories of the sloths that you're helping.


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Buy a Legend Plushie during our Easter sale and get one free! Max of Buy 3 Get 3 Free per customer.

tap the tag to see the story of the sloth you are helping

Soft & squishy.

Protect the planet.

Help protect sloths.


Larry the Sloth is 9" long, and is made of spandex and recycled polyester so they are soft and squishy. Larry loves napping on his branch.

Their box is 100% recycled materials!

The purchase of this plushie does not represent a monthly adoption of a real animal, monthly adoptions can be purchased on our partners websites.


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Make a difference.

Each Sloth Legend Plushie gives back to The Sloth Institute who help protect sloth populations.

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