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We design products that protect our world and its wildlife. Legend Plushies are a reminder of our connection to nature. Find the cause closest to your heart and give back to the planet we live on!

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Each Legend Plushie supports a unique wildlife cause. Tap the tag with your phone to learn more about the causes and animals you’re helping!

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Lovely Gift

"Really does make a lovely gift! I have one very happy pre-teen who loved scanning the label and reading all about the projects. He’s so soft too!!"

Amy H.

The Best Gift!

"Not only was it the best option for our Holiday Celebration for the team, the products are also high-quality. Seeing their faces lit up upon receiving the plushies is priceless."

Edict N.

Mom Loves It

"My mom is a zookeeper and so when I was choosing animals I knew she’d love this one. She works primarily with primates, but they also care for the sloths. She always loved their old one, Moss, and loves their two now, Raisin and Jennifer Lawrence. She was so excited about this one!"

Dana G.

Support Every Cause

Highland Cows

Meet Henry The Highland Cow Plushie! Henry is a high achiever. He likes to be captain of the hill. We have partnered with the Gentle Barn whose mission is to help save and protect farm animals in need.

Sea Turtle Hatchlings

Meet Squirt, Bubbles and Dude! Take these triplets home with you and help rescue sea turtles. We have partnered with the Olive Ridley Project to help protect sea turtle nesting areas and more.


Meet Larry the Sloth! Like his friends in the real world, Larry enjoys a good snooze on a comfy tree branch. Take this cuddly sloth friend home with you and help save injured sloths.

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